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Solar battery storage | Best Battery Solar Panel System?

Solar battery storage is the latest and most expensive aditive for a solar PV system. Saving the energy from the sun, is the last step to be completely self-sufficient or to completely cut the connections with the energy supplier.

The lithium storage systems for photovoltaic panels are out of their infancy and this really gives a feeling of freedom! Saving money on the long time with solar electricity and low installations costs.

Best Battery PV Panel System.

Worldwide, almost 1 million solar panels are installed on roofs in homes every day. The only problem, a panel does deliver nicely during the day but no energy at night.

Use energy when it is dark.

People come home from work, especially in the winter in the dark, and need facilities. The need for electric power does not stop when the sun is down. To use the power generated during the day, the storage of solar energy comes into play.

Battery for the home ( or in the office, etc. ) is not new at all, but you don’t see it that much in homes and industrial buildings. But in boats and campers, it is a shared product. You become more independent from energy suppliers and save the surplus amount of energy for later use.

Saving this energy with a solar battery storage is also better for your electric bills. As you may know, you lose money on the return compared to purchasing. For every kW amount that your solar power panels generate and return to the grid, you receive a feed-in fee of on average 5-7 cents per kWh.

The advantage is:

  • Become energy independence of electricity supplier (EDP etc.)
  • Save the energy for when it is after sunset.
  • If the network fails (temporarily or for a more extended period), you will still have kWh available.
  • Have electric power at locations where there is no connection


Is storage capacity worth it?

While you pay 23 to 28 cents for every kW that you purchase from the supplier if your solar panels do not produce. This means a loss of around 15 cents per kWh and that is a shame of course. You understand the demand for solar panel batteries to store the sun’s energy.

Best photovoltaic panel system storage.

The best battery solar panel system storage is with lithium lifepo4. In contrast to deep cycle batteries and lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries can use 100% of the nominal capacity. If you take a 100 Ah accu, you can only use 30 to 50 Ah of the capacity with lead-acid.

  • Longer service life:
    A LiFePO4 lasts just 3 to 4 times as long, up to 1500/2000 charging cycles. A lead-acid, on the other hand, will fail after only 300-500 cycles, with particular attention to maintenance and proper use. The LiFePo4 cell is precisely characterized by that absence. They can last 15 years and more!
  • Lithium power battery types are fast and efficient loading:
    Batteries can be charged very quickly up to 100%. Lead batteries require an absorption phase to load the last 20% of the size. If the charger is powerful enough, the LiFePO4 can be charged extremely quickly, often within 30 minutes.
  • Little energy storage lost:
    Lithium backup power batteries are considerably more efficient in storing energy compared to lead batteries. LiFePO4 batteries charge with an efficiency of almost 100% compared to 85% for the vast majority of lead batteries.

The best battery size for a solar PV panel system is therefore always Lithium.

Wikipedia quote

The lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) or LFP (lithium ferrophosphate), is a type of rechargeable battery, specifically a lithium-ion battery, using LiFePO4 as the cathode material, and a graphitic carbon electrode with a metallic backing as the anode. The specific capacity of LiFePO4 is higher than that of the related lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) chemistry, but its renewable energy density is less due to its lower operating voltage.

Solar storage batteries price.

A few solar battery storage systems examples from our shop for Solar lithium battery costs:


Lithium batteries are the clear choice if you want to harness renewable solar home energy. Keep your eye on RCT power batteries and BYD batteries for the best lithium solar batteries. The RCT has a lifetime as 5.000 cycles long! The BYD 3.500 cycles.

Using generated electricity directly yourself will be more preferred in the future and more financially attractive than supplying it to the grid. For devices that you use in the evening or at night, for example, batteries can offer a solution. For motorists, a connection with an electric car ” V2G” and a “smart home” system can become attractive.

Would you like to buy a home battery?

A few points to consider when choosing:

  • Is the solar power battery bank system modular?
    Can you easily extend it to a larger capacity?
  • The weight can play a rol?
    Several small modules offer more flexibility, are easier to relocate and if one of them breaks you do not have to replace your entire system.
  • Is the battery smart?
    This means that on the basis of weather forecasts, the current energy rates and the user pattern of the household. For example, it determines when it will store de power and when it will not. A ‘stupid’ battery that always starts charging immediately if more power is generated than consumed will sooner be destroyed.
  • Can the battery ‘retrofit’ communicate with existing inverters?
    Or do you need to buy a new inverter that best fits that specific battery?
  • Can it communicate with a smart home system?
  • What about the warranty?

Home batteries.

Therefore they help to correct the imbalance between day and night or between a sunny and cloudy day. They are not suitable for storing large quantities of electricity generated in spring, summer or autumn in order to survive the dark winter months. The capacity of the current home batteries is sufficient at most for one or a few days of household power consumption.

Smaller batteries can become important for balancing the electrical grid. They then help to absorb changes in the supply of sun and wind, so that fewer fossil energy plants are needed. We, as solar installer, with our specialism with PV storage systems can make a full calculation if it is worth it to buy home storage system.