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SMA solar Portugal

SMA solar Portugal, with there products as sunny boy, sunny tripower, home manager 2.0, sunny island and sunny boy storage for lithium batteries. The German SMA Technology AG was founded in 1981 and now holds a leading position worldwide in the renewable energy field of development, production and distribution of PV inverters.

This company offers a wide range of inverters for all types of photovoltaic panels and all power sizes of PV systems, for systems connected to the electricity grid, stand-alone running or back-up.
Products for the monitoring and visualisation of installations, solutions for energy management and the comprehensive service package complete the portfolio.

SMA solar Power inverters

With more than 5,000 employees, SMA is active in 22 countries.

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter
The inverters convert the direct current generated in the solar cells into the alternating current so that the electricity can be used in the household or as a power supply for the public electricity grid. For residential PV installations, the SMA Sunny Boy and, for larger systems, the SMA Sunny Tripower inverters are installed. Both PV inverters need a utility grid connection to function correctly.

That the development of the inverters is not standing still proves the fact that the range is being further refined and expanded with features such as shadow management and active temperature management. Monitoring is also becoming more comfortable, and options are being developed.

Portal for all info:
The german company info portal uses the website for monitoring purposes. Here you can view and monitor data access documents and receive status updates from the photovoltaic energy system.

For energy management systems this companie has developed a Sunny Home Manger. It reads and monitor the connection with the utility grid. Furthermore, if there are Edimax wlan radio controlled socket installed. The home manager can control them by wifi. This image is just a example about how to.

SMA is not only producing products for a greener world. The company also pays serious attention to the CO2 neutral production of its inverters. The Sunny Boy inverters are manufactured in Kassel, Germany, in a production site that was built in 2009 and was designed according to the strict German “Low Energy Building Standard”.

Independent CICS auditors have performed a detailed evaluation of the plant’s energy consumption. The conclusion was that within the factory gates the production processes are entirely CO2 neutral. Logical next step is the “transport” to and from the factory.