Solar 2 Power | Photovoltaic system 4 you.

Renewable energy with lithium battery storage that works to lower the electrical bill. Off grid or feed in, learn how this works for you.

Solar 2 Power | Photovoltaic system 4 you.

Residential photovoltaic systems & commercial energy saving. Reduce electricity with Sun powered consumption. 25 years off experiance behind our technology for Residential photovoltaic and commercial systems. All equipment from SMA  Technology AG germany and RCT power GmbH.

Clean Energy storage with Lithium Iron Phosphate for highest operational reliability with BYD batteries and RCT power battery. Save on the fossil fuel and electrical bills with renewable energy. Sunpower is for everyone.

We make it possible to use renewable energy intelligently. The newly designed storage systems from RCT and SMA are one of the few manufacturers that develops complete battery systems and inverters and optimally coordinates them.

The customer receives an order from one source and at the same time optimal service for all system components. PV panels with high Module Efficiency  and low Temperature coefficients. Fits all solar technology types of photovoltaic panels, to reduce the energy bills.

We have a strong, unrivaled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. These products are considered worldwide as the professional choice for independent electrical energy supply. The SMA, BYD lithium batteries, DualSun and RCT products have been developed to offer the optimum solution for almost every desired energy system.

Lithium battery storage

Home lithium batteries help to correct the imbalance between day and night or between a sunny and cloudy day. Lithium Iron battery with battery management system (BMS) to cennect with an external battery inverter or an DC-Charge Controller. More Info ….

Panel price

Perfect photovoltaic panels for residential alternative energy systems with higher energy and increasing efficiency. The panels will last around 25 years. So if there were no other costs, you will have around 19 years of free electricity generation after you have earned back. More Info ….

PV Inverter

SMA and RCT power inverters are seen as the absolute top segment of the photovoltaic systems industry and storage systems. We offer you the right device for each application: for grid-connection and stand-alone and off grid, for home systems and commercial systems. More Info ….

Are you about to buy photovoltaic panels? A smart choice! You save on your electric bill in the long term. So even better, you can now buy PV panels more cheaply than ever. For every family situation. For every roof situation. Make your home future-proof and immediately benefit from the return.

Commercial saving isn’t counting on others to provide your home with energy. Get your solar electricity from the sun with photovoltaic panels. Make profit from Sunpower. That way you don’t have to fear overwhelming bills. You are in control of your green photovoltaic energy. Interesting isn’t it? A thermal water heater with panels or a home battery is a perfect addition here.

Investing in photovoltaic panels is a smart move. Not only do your electricity costs fall, the value of your home increases. The A-level, how your home performs in terms of efficiency, is going down nicely. You have earned back the investment in five to six years average, because technology has become considerably cheaper compared to the early years.

Have a sunny day? With a reversing counter, you can see your energy bill fall “live”. The efficiency of your PV panels depends on numerous factors. At this website we will clarify this for you. You will discover various tips to optimally enjoy your PV systems, despite a roof pitch or a non-south facing roof.

Quote RCT

"At RCT Power, we believe in the sustainability of renewable energy, so together with the best engineers, we have re-thought storage technology, resulting in a flexible and reliable storage solution that impresses with its simplicity.
Here, an experienced team of experts from the field of power electronics is working on innovative solutions for a better and long-term use of renewable energy. "

Quote SMA

"To exploit their full potential, we will need to connect photovoltaics with storage, e-mobility and other sectors and integrate them into the entire system. Here, SMA has a key role to play. Our vast experience and comprehensive expertise make us a sought-after partner for leading companies from other areas. Today, SMA is developing sophisticated system solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the “electricity prosumers” of tomorrow."