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SMA sunny home manager 2.0 | Smart solar energy management

SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0, the control device for intelligent and smart energy management. Manage your power consumption at home and save yourself from the rising electricity costs. Household appliances, for example Bosch and Siemens dishwashers. Washing machines and dryers with the Home Connect function are now also equipped with a Flex Start function. Together with a solar PV system or battery backup and storage, you can now benefit from an intelligent energy management system. Moreover, it makes every Solar Panel System or Photovoltaic installation easy to handle with the highest efficiency.

SMA sunny home manager | Control center for smart PV energy management.

For example, enter the deadline when you want the washing machine to be ready and activate the smart manager. Your device then hands over the control of the time of completion to SMA – the energy manager of your household. It calculates the optimum start time that is needed to use the most cost-effective source (e.g. power from a PV source or a night-time power tariff). Household devices without smart control like a heat pump, stil can be controlled from the SMA smart center with wlan radio controlled sockets from Edimax. The Edimax SP-2101W radio-controlled socket 3.0.

If no surplus is available, the program automatically switches to a conventional power supply to ensure that the laundry is ready at the specified time.

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is the intelligent energy manager of SMA for a reasonable price.  It enables the most efficient use of solar electricity in your home. It optimizes the consumption of PV installation and reduces electricity costs considerably. To do this, it measures the power of PV generation and purchased electricity.  With that, it gives an overview of all relevant energy flows in the household.

Through local PV generation forecasts and the measured profile of household consumption, the self-learning device provides the user with instructions for related action. The operation for controlling devices and coordination of the power, in a way that the use of the solar energy is optimal.

The path to intelligent energy usage is relatively simple. Install the smart device at grid connection point. Make a connection to the internet router by using an ethernet cable. Register the PV plant for free in Sunny Portal or Sunny Places. Furthermore, join more than 30,000 systems that have already an installation worldwide. They also benefit from greater energy efficiency.

Control center for smart solar power usage.

The place for the SMA Energy Meter is at the main meter and measures the total current in both directions. It is a three-phase device, but it is also working in single-phase mode. It measures the size and direction of the current; in other words, it indicates how much electricity you return to the grid or how much you purchase from your energy supplier.

The maximum permitted current for this device is 63A, but thanks to the use of current transformers, any grid connection is possible. The current transformers will reduce the higher currents to a maximum of 5A.

In combination with the yield data of your solar power installation, you know how much energy you consume in your home. At what time and how much your consumption is. Meaning: solar power that you immediately use in your home without the electricity from the grid. This data is available on the web user interface of your inverter.

Your consumption profile helps you to gain insight into your electricity consumption and possible improvements. As an extra, you can load this data into Sunny Design and analyze your consumption profile.

Those who would like to enjoy the sun by adding a lithium battery system, can undoubtedly do the best dimensioning through their consumption profile. This way, you know exactly when and how much you need and when your solar installation will generate power.

Calculating a suitable battery installation to increase your consumption becomes a piece of cake. You get a clear picture of the effect on your electricity bill after installing for example 5 kWh or 10 kWh battery storage system.

Dynamic power control and zero limit feed in.

Imposing restrictions on what you return (dynamic power control) has never been easier. Any system with an SMA Energy Meter can set a zero limit – or to limit the maximum power supplied. With this, you can install more solar panels without weighing down the main meter, or questions regarding a limited return.

The connection with this device is the same network as the inverter via an Ethernet cable or wifi. The measurements are visible in the Web user interface (WebUI) of the inverter. The software is transmitting that to Sunny Portal. Sunny Portal stores the values ​​and shows your consumption in the graph.

If the SMA Energy Meter detects that more electricity would flow back into the grid, the power of the inverter is immediately made equal to the electricity request.

One of the functions of the Sunny Home Manager is to receive the yield from the inverter (s) and also measures electrical PV power itself. The data is send to the Sunny web portal. Sunny Portal stores the values ​​and shows your consumption in the graph. Smart energy management can be carried out thanks to this intelligent device.

Save energy in an intelligent way with Edimax wlan Radio Controlled Sockets

The Edimax SP-2101W radio-controlled socket works in co-operation with the Sunny Home Manager. Together they determin on the hand from weather forecast and the load profile the times that the socket wil be switch on or off. With maximum of 10 Edimax SP-2101 SMA wireless sockets consumers in your smart home.

The wlan sockets also indicate the use of the connected devices to the Sunny Home Manager. The outlets can also by the Edimax App activated or deactivated.

The expected yield of the installation and the known consumption is determining whether the consumers switch on. In the planning screen via the Sunny Portal, the local weather forecasts shows the corresponding yield forecast for the coming hours. In addition to an automatically created timetable for the controlled devices, it also provides visual cues to encourage and increase self-consumption.