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Wifi smart energy meter – Energy-efficient home

Smappee, the Wifi smart energy meter, turns your house into a smarter, more efficient home. It identifies all your essential electrical appliances and effortlessly gives you a real-time overview of power consumption and the associated costs.

With Smappee you check your house wherever you are! Connect it to your fuse box via a clip-on sensor, and he does the rest! This version is suitable for a 3 phase connection.

Smart wifi energy meter

Did you know that all devices have a unique electronic signature? Smappee makes handy use of this to detect the essential electrical appliances in your home. You will then see this detailed information on your tablet or smartphone via the free app.

Now the fun can begin!

You receive real-time data on consumption and the associated costs of the devices detected. In short: Smappee makes saving easy because from now on, you know exactly where your energy costs are.

You get a Smart Home for the price of a smartphone. With the new Comfort Plugs, you can remotely control the electrical power consumption in your home with a single tap. The triggers in the app also ensure that your devices can communicate with each other.

You can even establish a connection between your Smappee and other devices on the internet of things (IoT) via IFTTT. This way, your accessories can be switched on even before you get home. Easy, right? With Smappee, you get to know your home a little better every day.

You discover step by step how you can live in a more energy-efficient way. You may not even notice the difference in your lifestyle, but you will see it on your energy bill. After all, you can save up to 30%!

Smappee detects your solar panels and makes a detailed analysis of their use and efficiency. In this way, you finally see in black and white what your investment in solar energy means for yourself and the planet.


With the Smappee energy monitor, you always and everywhere know how much the devices in your home use. Smappee recognizes the most critical instruments in your home and tells you exactly how much they use. And all without being tied to a subscription.

How does Smappee recognize them?

Do you know the Shazam app? If you hear a lovely song on the radio, Shazam can listen to the song by the melody. A song consists of a certain rhythm and various instruments that make it recognizable, especially when there is a cool guitar solo that you won’t hear in any other song.

Smappee does that too. Many electrical devices have a specific rhythm in the use of energy, sometimes more than the other time depending on the time and method. Those rhythms are virtually invisible to us, but Snappee analyzes the power rhythms 6500 times per minute.

It compares that with the rhythms he already knows from the makers, such as from a refrigerator or lamp. In a match the smart meter knows which devices are currently using energy and how much. It needs a few days to analyze all this, but then you have something afterwards.

This variant of Smappee also takes your solar panels with you. That way, you even know what your solar panel system deliver from the sun.


The Smappee smart energy meter connects you to your fuse box via a clip-on sensor. Then you download the app and connect your smart energy meter to the wifi. If you install everything, you get a real-time overview of your electrical consumption.

Smappee recognizes the devices in your house, but if you want, you can also give them a unique name. It can sometimes take a few days before he recognizes all the electrical appliances in the home. More comfort, better insight, sustainable energy saving.