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Solar Inverter | Which PV inverter is best?

Solar Inverter | Which PV inverter is best for a efficient solar system? A PV panel inverter converts the direct current generated by the photovoltaic panels into usable alternating current for our household. This alternating current can also be exchanged with the energy supplier if your panels yield more than you use at that time. It is, therefore, an essential part of your solar energy system. It may not be too heavy, but not too light either. Here is a guideline for choosing the right grid tie inverters.

Solar Inverter | Which PV inverter is best?

Above all, a inverter is made up of electronic components. If a part fails, you have to replace complete unit in most cases. The quality of the components used and the number of elements is decisive for the service life.

 Wikipedia A PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current output of a photovoltaic panel into a utility frequency alternating current sine wave that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

Different Types of converters.

The German SMA is the most famous manufacturer of string converters. They use high-quality components and provide a 5-year factory warranty. For 25% of the new price, you can purchase additional warranty for ten years. This indicates the likelihood that the SMA will break between 5 and ten years (25%).

If you opt for a string inverter, you must bear in mind that you must have it replaced in 8-12 years.

RCT power has a more straightforward construction. Fewer components and can always work under ideal conditions. Furthermore, RCT uses only high-quality ingredients. This makes the device last much longer. This hybrid inverter comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Microinverters can in particular offer advantages with relatively smaller systems, which must be easy to expand. This includes social rental homes and apartments. The lifespan of a micro inverter is on average, 20 years and comes with a standard 10 to 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Solar inverter prices.

There are many different brands and types. Prices don’t say everything, but it is a good idea to buy a robust model and not to choose the cheapest Chinese inverters on the market. The quality determines to a large extent how efficiently your panels generate usable renewable electricity – so it pays to choose a good model. In general, European and American brands are of higher quality.

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Nowadays you can buy the smallest SMA with a maximum output power supply of 1500 watts for around € 600. If you like to connect a solar battery with SMA? Then you have to buy a additional DC converter for ac output, like the sunny storage or Sunny Island. A sunny storage 2.5 KW cost about € 999,80, a sunny Island 4.4 kW is about € 2.170.

Solar power inverter for home.

That is to say, all SMA and RCT products a suitable for home use. The SMA inverters are designed for IP65, and therefore suitable for placing outside in a well ventilated cabinet. IP65 stands for  a device with is a dust-resistant and splash-proof device.

Hybrid PV converters.

To be prepared for the future, you can also store the electricity in batteries. For that, you need a hybrid inverter charge controller whether the generated energy should be used immediately, or storing for a later use.

The hybrid solar system combines the advantages of both — a battery to store solar power for later use. But also access to the network for moments when consumption is higher than what the battery can provide. Or for the moments that the solar panels still supply power while the home battery is full.

In that case, supply abundant KWhs to the grid. In combination with energy management software, battery owners can further benefit from the peak and off-peak rates, such as purchasing and storing mains electricity during off-peak hours.

Hybrid inverter price.

But, hybrid from RCT power is often more expensive and starts with a 4kW at € 1850. You can then connect a lithium battery directly without the intervention of a battery inverter. There are also the installation costs that you should take into account.

SMA hybrid products.

With SMA you have to buy two products. A converter for the panels and a battery converter. As mentioned above, a SMA Sunny boy and Sunny storage. The minimum price is then around € 1600. The installation cost effective is somewhat higher then with a hybride. More cables and safety breakers.

RCT power products.

You have better things to pay than high electricity bills? Then optimize your consumption and save money. The RCT Power Storage DC is a smart inverter with battery connection for solar self-consumption. It intelligently distributes the electric power, protects the battery and optimizes the yields.

Programmable switching outputs ensure that excess current is not supplied to the grid, but rather to your heat pump, your electric car or other applications.

This hybrid inverter is suitable for all battery types with input voltages ranging from 140V to 600V. Due to the high voltages, we keep the charge and discharge currents small. The temperature cycles in the battery are minimal. Especially for Lithium cells of all types. The service life is significantly increased compared to 48V battery systems.

It has two independent MPP solar inputs for power optimization. With very wide voltage range and a three-phase mains output with AC powered of 2kW 4kW and 6kW. An efficient heat sink guarantees without any noise and maintenance-free cooling.

Quote RCT Power: Data protection is a serious issue – even with solar storage PV systems. We care about the security of your data. The prognosis-based charge management does not require an Internet connection. Access remains in your hands, and your data remains secure.

Conclusion: Which PV inverter is best?

All the mentioned products are of high quality. Depending on your situation and demanding, you choose the most suitable one. And of course, we like to help you with that. Many years we are already installing these products with great success and pleasure. Ask us any question about this subject. We will answer promptly.